The Oversized. TVP Opole documentary series about to be aired

The topic of oversize transport could be discussed endlessly. There are as much as 7 types of such transport, depending on weight and dimensions. And there are just a few companies that realise similar undertakings. The preparation for realising such transit sometimes takes a year. TVP3 Opole has prepared a documentary series revealing the secrets of oversize transport.

It is the first project of this type prepared by the public broadcaster’s facility in Opole. “This documentary series constitutes proof that smaller regional TVP facilities have a great potential hidden in them. I am sure that the production of The Oversized (Polish: Ponadnormatywni) will be not only a perfect documentary material but also a promotion of our voivodeship. Just a few know that the Opolskie region is famous for experienced and vibrantly operating companies on the market of oversize transport. Not only in the country but also in Europe”, says Mateusz Magdziarz, director and editor-in-chief of TVP3 Opole.

The team preparing the series started working with that message. “It is a new yet very interesting challenge for Honorata Szmuc and me. Quite a lot of preparation and ‘sitting’ over the rules of road traffic. We were successful thanks to the cooperation with Bedmet Company, with which we prepare the series. The knowledge I together with Honorata gained during the shooting of the first episode will bear fruit in the future. I’m certain that now, when I drive my car, I pay greater attention to the events happening around me”, adds Adam Wołek, author of the scenario and who provides a voice-over for the series.

In the first episode of The Oversized, TVP3 Opole will show the portage of a 15-tonne yacht from Ropczyce to the Mediterranean Sea. Perhaps the weight isn’t that impressive, but we assure you that the dimensions of the load indeed are. “We want to show how such instances of transport are carried out. It’s a very arduous process for us, and it’s why we are always greatly satisfied in the end. We have undertaken to do the impossible many times, and we carried out a drive that nobody else in Europe wanted to carry out”, says Wiesław Bednarz, president of Bedmet Company.

You can watch the first episode of The Oversized documentary series here: