BEDMET was founded on 24 September 1996. At that time, it employed only three drivers and its owner was responsible for running the office.
“We had virtually no experience. We started with a beat-up Nysa van, moved through Star 28 truck to Renault Major. Today, it is history,” recalls Wiesław Bednarz. “I always liked adrenaline, so from the very beginning, we started with abnormal and oversized transport,” he adds.

In 2001, BEDMET purchased a plot of land at Oświęcimska Street. It is worth recalling that that area was severely damaged by the flood that hit Opole in 1997. This is where the office and social facilities, hardened parking lot and BEDMET’s workshop were built. The company continued to dynamically grow during the following years. BEDMET employs new drivers and buys new cars. The company also increases the number of office employees. New employees formed, among others, our in-house accounting department. “The year 2003 was a breakthrough year for the company’s investment development. We moved to new headquarters for good. Every year, we were getting more and more semi-trailer trucks and drivers,” says Małgorzata Wójcik, an accountant at BEDMET since 2002.

The following years of operating in the transport industry have led to many changes in the company. Currently, the business is operated company under the name Bedmet Spółka z o.o. Spółka Komandytowa, in which the President of the Board is Wiesław Bednarz. In addition, the company expands its fleet with specialised transport semi-trailers, including modular semi-trailers and Kamag self-propelled transporters. A new warehouse and transshipment centre with a gantry crane with a lifting capacity of 80 tons is being built by the company’s headquarters.

“The continuous development of our company is the result of pressure and needs of our customers,” admits Wiesław Bednarz.
Many years of experience of Wiesław Bednarz, supported by the experience of his employees, ensures comprehensive implementation of the needs of the most demanding customers.