We have 40 semi-trailer trucks for transporting oversized cargo, which include specialised and modular semi-trailers, which allows us to choose the appropriate means of transport for the individual needs and requirements of the customer.

We provide professional consulting and technical assistance in the field of preparing goods for transport using the appropriate means of transport, determination and preparation of the route, assistance in gathering all customs documentation, permits, etc.

The company has permanent transport permits in many countries of the European Union.

Our company has expanded and implemented a project entitled “Modernisation, control and improvement of the safety standard of the driver and the fleet based on the solutions of the FrameLogic platform supported by the purchase of professional TOM TOM equipment.” This equipment allows to calculate personalised routes that are appropriate for the size and weight, cargo and maximum vehicle speed for safer, more efficient and smoother driving.
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Supporting transport
BEDMET company provides services of piloting oversized transports. We have qualified BF2 and BF3 pilots. In order to ensure a comprehensive service of transport orders, we also perform route detours, disassembly of road infrastructure and expertise of bridge facilities