Inland transport

Since the beginning of our company, we have been focusing on multimodal transports that enable our customers to produce even larger products without worrying about transport.

BEDMET is a leader in the organisation of transport of oversized cargo and heavy elements by inland waterway, both in Poland and abroad. Close location of the company’s headquarters (about 100 meters) from the River Port in Opole allowed us to establish cooperation with carriers who have RO-RO barges, pontoons and lower deck vessels.

Inland waterway transport enables the transport of elements of extreme dimensions:

  • 60 meters long
  • 9 meters wide
  • 7 meters high
  • and weighing up to 1,000 tonnes

We provide comprehensive organisation of inland transport:

  • Trans-shipment in the River Port in Opole by means of a gantry crane with a lifting capacity of up to 500 tons
  • Freightage of barges on the rivers of the whole of Europe
  • Loading and unloading in all river and sea ports
  • Preparation of the stowage plan (arrangement of loads on the vessel)
  • Stevedoring works