Bedmet is not afraid of challenges and records. 9.3 metres in one night!

The widest element of the ones which the company from Opole transported to the Arcelor Mittal Poland facility in Dąbrowa Górnicza had a width of 9.3 metres and weighed 120 tonnes. The transport of the elements of the ironworks’ converter from the Facility of Welded Constructions Ferrum (Polish: Zakład Konstrukcji Spawanych Ferrum) in Katowice was unique in many aspects. It is what makes Bedmet Logistic famous both in the country and in the international arena.

Preparations for such instances of transport last for weeks. “An array of expert opinions and arrangements is one thing. In the case of this wide, 9-metre load, we checked every stage of the route very precisely”, says Wiesław Bednarz, president of Bedmet Company. “The load moved slowly for a significant part of the transport route. So slowly that the pilots had a long, night-time walk”, he adds with a smile. “Actually, the project had started half a year earlier, when we had sat around the table for the first time. Then, the working group was meeting one time every two weeks, on average”, explains Paweł Chmielecki, manager of the transport and purchase department of ZKS Ferrum Katowice.

The convoy departed from ZKS Ferrum in Katowice timely at 11 p.m. The transport route covered inter alia a viaduct, roundabouts and a highway exit (the biggest set drove through it by reversing). The route preparations required the dismantling of, in total, a few hundred elements of road infrastructure: signs, signallers, lampposts, crash barriers, bollards, and speed bumps.

The entire transport drive was carried out without even the slightest interruptions or complications. At the same time, it evoked the great interest of locals and drivers. To meet the expectations of the ones interested in oversize transport, Bedmet Company has prepared another share of multimedia. We recommend a coverage available on our YouTube channel and a share of photos available on our Facebook profile.